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Quick Divorce

Kansas law requires that the parties wait 60 days after filing for divorce in order to have a final hearing. However, if both parties agree on the terms of the divorce and there is nothing to argue about, some counties will permit the parties to get an emergency divorce. These divorces can take place very quickly, often within a week to ten days.

Quick divorces can be obtained in Lyon County.

Overview of the Quick Divorce Process:  
  1. Call or come by our office. We will provide you with a Divorce Intake Form to fill out.

  2. Fill out the Divorce Intake Form and call to make an appointment.

  3. Meet with me to sign an Agreement for Representation and make the payment for your divorce.

  4. I will prepare your paperwork which includes:

    • Divorce Petition

    • Domestic Relations Affidavit

    • Separation Agreement 

    • Waiver of Statutory Waiting Period - Petitioner

    • Waiver of Statutory Waiting Period - Respondent

    • Voluntary Entry of Appearance and Waiver of Notice - Respondent

    • UCCJEA affidavit (if kids are involved)

  5. You and your spouse come in, sign and notarize the papers.

  6. I file the divorce paperwork. The documents are usually signed by the Judge and filed with the Clerk within a week to 10 days.

  7. Once the papers are signed by the Judge and filed with the Clerk, you are divorced.

See also: Default Divorce, Regular Divorce

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