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Divorce Consultation
  1. This agreement is between Rand Simmons and you. This agreement becomes effective when you successfully make payment of the $100 divorce consultation fee.

  2. I will provide one 30 minute consultation in person or by telephone within 60 days of your payment of the fee to evaluate your case and determine if I will be your attorney. I cannot promise you any specific result.

  3. I will do my best to respond to your legal questions and to help you in determining the best course of action in your legal matter. This may include making referrals, reviewing documents, giving you advice or otherwise assisting you.

  4. You agree to be truthful and cooperative. You must provide me with your current contact information.

  5. You must pay a consultation fee of $100. No consultation or services will be due to you or provided to you until you pay the fee. This is an availability fee. This fee will not be held in any trust account and it will not be refunded to you.

  6. If at the end of the consultation you decide to hire me as your attorney for your divorce, the $100 consultation fee will be applied to the agreed-upon retainer amount for legal services (to represent you in the divorce). 

  7. The relationship created by this agreement will end at the conclusion of the (up to) 30 minute consultation or 60 days after you pay your evaluation fee, whichever occurs first.

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